The wedding photography industry is highly competitive, with thousands of photographers worldwide seeking to make their mark and document these iconic events in a way that is unique and interesting. For couples who are looking to find the right wedding photographer, it can be overwhelming to sift through a sea of listings that can include aspiring photographers with minimal experience documenting the wedding preparations, ceremonies, receptions and even post-wedding celebrations.

This directory only features the most qualified, experienced and top wedding photographers in their regions. The best photographers in the industry are known for their patience, perseverance and determination in capturing great wedding moments. In a field that can sometimes be described as saturated, these photographers continue to produce authentic images that capture the personalities of the bride and groom while also documenting the moments that define their wedding day.

Wedding photography, in particular, requires a photographer to do more than just compose a creative shot. They must fully understand the technical aspects of photography and have an expert understanding of their equipment. An inexperienced photographer may show up to a dimly-lit cathedral with a camera that they know little about, and they will not capture the crisp images that the couple is counting on. Photography is just as much a science as it is an art form, and the wedding photographers listed here have all proven that they have a well-rounded understanding of their chosen craft.

Rave reviews from couples who love their wedding pictures and albums may provide newly-engaged couples with assurance that they have found the right photographer, but truth often lies in the awards and accolades that a photographer has received. Award-winning wedding photographers have not only proven their worth to their clients, but have been recognized by industry professionals who use a set of exceptional standards to verify the quality of their work.

The search for the best wedding photographer does not have to be overwhelming. Start here, and know that you will quickly discover the right photographer for your wedding.